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Affiliate Disclosure

We are devoted to bringing together a collection of the best products, software, and services on the UK market for consumers to make informed decisions. In order to keep our operations going, we need to invest heavily in research, upgrade our workforce, and widen our area of expertise. As you can imagine, maintaining a website of this scale means sustaining a team working full-time, with all of them having bills to pay.

How Do We Monetise Our Efforts?

As you know, we don’t directly sell nor include ads on our pages. We merely bring together resources and guide you towards the most reputable vendors. That being the case, we benefit from a series of affiliate partnerships to monetise our efforts and maintain our website. Allow us to explain how it works:

We earn a small commission every time you use our affiliate links to purchase from the vendors we list. This does not affect our objectivity in any capacity as we take our promise to list only the best offerings and reputation seriously. When we become an affiliate partner of a vendor we analyse all their products to make sure they comply with our standards — in other words, being an affiliate partner doesn’t render them immune to our strict criteria against which we test the products list on our website.

How Does This Affect You?

Our affiliation does not mean any additional cost will be added to your purchases. It doesn’t affect your shopping experience, nor the quality of the products. By shopping from our affiliate links, you’ll be helping us keep up with our work and do what we love doing the most. We are eternally grateful for those who take the time to appreciate our efforts, so we will work tirelessly every day to return the favour.